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About Us

The Kindred Spirit Press has been serving the aviation and aerospace community for well over two decades. After distributing nearly 100,000 copies of some pivotal books and EBooks, the Kindred Spirit Press’ effect on the world of aviation has been profound. The previous editions of the SportPlane Resource Guide have educated and informed tens of thousands of sport flyers all over the world and given them the unvarnished truth about a complex industry. Thousands of pilots have used the guides as the basis for their final choices of airplanes, engines and other accessories – simply because (as one reader put it) “only the SportPlane Resource Guide was willing to say what was right AND wrong about some of the products we were looking into – and may be the ONLY publication we’ve ever read that would do so.”

Air of Injustice was the groundbreaking work that defied the nonsense spewed forth by the FAA when it was trying to cover up for itself after several of its personnel engaged in a vendetta against, Robert A. ‘Bob’ Hoover, one of the most highly respected pilots in the world. The exhaustive study has been referred to as a “pivotal” work when facing the almighty wrath of the FAA… and a poignant study of what can happen when an entire industry has decided that it has taken enough abuse from a governmental entity. The restoration of Bob Hoover’s right to fly, his triumphant return to airshow work, and the FAA’s capitulation not only served as an object lesson for the aviation world, but were, in part, responsible for the legislation, years later, that ultimately led to the “Pilot’s Bill of Rights.”

Other works published by the Kindred Spirit press include the Aero-Legal Resource Guide (currently out of print but being revised as we write this), the Klyde Morris aviation cartoon book (some of the funniest aviation illustrations you’re ever likely to see) and now, “Beyond The Blue” – The ULTIMATE Insider’s Guide to the extraordinary XPRIZE revolution. ONLY KSP’s Jim Campbell got to go where NO ONE else went throughout all the iterations of the XPRIZE programs… and along with his trusty Canon cameras, a watchful eye, and an ever-present notebook, his observations have allowed the rest of the world to look way inside one of the most impressive and innovative programs of this century.

There’s more… late this year, the first in our long-awaited “Aero-Sport” series will be introduced. These will serve as intimate, detailed guides to understanding, learning and undertaking some of the most exciting aerial sports and activities in the world. AeroSports will document the basics of all kinds of aviation activity -- including some of the very basics -- such as model aviation and ultralight flying. But will progress to cover some 16 areas we've identified as unique sport and general aviation activities that have the potential to attract new pilots from the ranks of the real world.

The four-volume AeroSports books will cover Aerobatics, Amateur Built-Experimental Aircraft, Ballooning, General Aviation, Hang-Gliding, LSA, Model Rocketry, Parachuting, Para-Gliding, Para-Motoring, PPCs, RC Models, Rotorcraft, Soaring, and Ultralights – and more. Through this series, we hope to grow the world of sport aviation… one flyer at a time.

 And yes… there’s much more in the works… books, EBooks and APPs that are being written, illustrated and designed to enlighten the world of aviation and aerospace – and allow us to serve the community far better than any before… and to make sure that the allure of these worlds stays open to flyers and potential flyers all over the world.

Kindred Spirit Press, Inc., was and will always be intent on being a very good ‘aero-citizen’ within the aviation community.

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