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Air of Injustice

Air of Injustice is the result of an exhaustive 2 year long investigation by Aero-News Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, into the three year battle between R.A. “Bob” Hoover and the FAA. Hoover is a legendary fighter pilot, test pilot and airshow pilot now in his 90s, who was once called “the best pilot I ever saw” by no less than Brigadier General (ret.) Chuck Yeager. To many more, he’s simply the finest pilot this country has produced and one of this industry’s most beloved figures. Hoover was grounded by two FAA Inspectors for reasons that were later to be revealed to be nothing less than a personal vendetta.

The FAA Medical community, against the advice of it’s OWN experts, decided to uphold the grounding action based on flimsy medical considerations. It took three years for this case to wend it’s way through the Federal Aviation Administration, NTSB, and the courts while many instances of illegal and questionable activity were uncovered. Hoover finally won back his flight status in 1995 and returned to flying airshows (flying what many consider to be his finest performances in recent memory).

This book is the story of one exceptional man who “fought city hall” with the immense loyalty and support of an entire aviation community behind him, and triumphed against an immense bureaucracy.

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