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Beyond The Blue

Kindred Spirit Press, XPRIZE, Announce ‘Premier Edition’ Advance Sales Program For ‘Beyond The Blue’ Ultimate Insider’s Guide To The Tenth Anniversary Of The XPRIZE Revolution.

Available In Signed, Numbered, Certified Special Edition Due Off Press In Late July/2014

It’s taken a few years to come together, but the Tenth Anniversary of the world-changing award of the XPRIZE to the team that launched, recovered and re-launched a manned spacecraft under the tight guidelines of the Ansari XPRIZE offered an extraordinarily opportune moment to debut a book that may represent the ultimate ‘Insiders’ look at the amazing event that transpired in 2004.

Aviation Journalist, photographer and test pilot, Jim Campbell, was allowed the unprecedented opportunity to be inside a number of historic events… even going places that XPRIZE Founder Peter Diamandis never had the chance to try out for himself.

From the heady days of the XPRIZE test flights and competition flights to the formation and execution of the Zero-Gravity Corporation, XPRIZE Cup, Rocket Racing League, Google Lunar XPRIZE and other innovative events and programs, Campbell provided the cameras, notepad and a personal narrative about one of the most exciting efforts of the 21st century.

The result was over 16,000 high-resolution photos, thousands of pages of notes, hundreds of published stories, some iconic pictures that were seen all over the world (with many hundreds more that hadn’t yet been published – until NOW)… all carefully reviewed, selected, organized, designed and brought together in an expertly designed, bright, heavily illustrated 168 page, 4-color book, that includes a stirring Foreword by XPRIZE Founder Peter Diamandis, who admits that his detailed contribution is… “the first time that I’m actually getting to tell the story of the founding of XPRIZE and the creation of the Ansari XPRIZE.”

“I am so proud of this book. It is an incredible telling of the Ansari XPRIZE story and the journey to creating this breakthrough competition,” said Dr. Diamandis. “This book will hopefully allow more people to understand the impact this competition had on the space travel industry.”

The result is a visually stunning, thought provoking, inspirational book that outlines one of the most innovative decades in recent human history… and in cooperation with XPRIZE, a limited number of Signed, Numbered and Certified copies of the Premier Edition will be released FIRST, this summer, as soon as the books (printed in North America) come off the press.

Each KSP/XPRIZE Premier Edition will be offered as a boxed set that includes one of the first books, right off the press, signed and numbered by the Author, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity and other special benefits. The $100 Premier Edition is being offered in order to offer XPRIZE advocates and fans the chance to get their hands on a one-time Collector’s Edition that will, in part, pay for some exciting XPRIZE programs and outreach events that will continue the immensely important work started some two decades ago when the XPRIZE was born.

Campbell also promises a few other surprises for this effort… “We plan to take at least 100 of the books, at random, off the first press run and circulate them among some of the pivotal XPRIZE Insiders, for them to sign, as well. So… in addition to an author signature, you MAY get a copy that is also signed by someone like Peter Diamandis or Gregg Maryniak and/or any number of the extraordinary/historic participants in the first decade of the XPRIZE Revolution. It’s an exciting and fun way to spice up this offering – and no kidding, it will be totally random.”

For those looking to be among the first to get a copy of the premier edition (and the lowest possible Certificate Number), advance orders are being taken online at http://www.kindredspirit.com. Mail orders are being taken at Kindred Spirit Press, POB 3773, St. Augustine, FL, 32085… please be sure to include the $100 Premier Edition fee, a full mailing address, a phone number (in case of shipping questions), and an email address (for special newsletter updates and info).

FMI: Kindred Spirit Press, POB 3773, St. Augustine, FL, 32085, 863-299-8680. publisher@aero-news.net

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