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Friends of Bob

New Book Chronicles Stories of One of America’s Most Accomplished Aviators -- by Those Who Knew Him Best

No fiction writer could have dreamed up the life that Robert A. ‘Bob’ Hoover actually lived. An American hero, a legendary aviator and a man who lived his life with uncommon grace, Bob Hoover’s astonishing life is the stuff of legend... and reality. 

Now, via the fondly remembered tales of those who knew him best, Hoover friend and author Jim Campbell, brings forth some of the most amazing stories of the Hoover legend -- with candor, appreciation, familiarity and  authenticity... because these tales come directly from Bob’s friends and confidantes. 

"The Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation is pleased to endorse and recommend the upcoming book, 'Friends of Bob.' Though he went west over a year ago, it is through stories like those that FoB will tell, that we can keep Bob's memory, values, and lessons alive. At a time when we're trying to rebuild aviation and attract new pilots and participants into our community, the legends surrounding Bob's life will inspire, educate and empower future flyers. In the hands of an author that was Bob's friend for decades, and one who has already documented one of the pivotal periods of his life, we have great confidence that Jim Campbell's 'Friends of Bob' will serve to strengthen the legacy that Bob left us all."

As the aviation community faces the reality of changing times, and the disruptive effects of a future that seems to be racing by at many times the speed of sound, ‘Friends of Bob’ seeks to not only tell great tales of a life well lived, but to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of aviators and aviation professionals. Bob had great hopes for the future of the aviation world and specifically directed his friends and fans to build a better future for all those who dreamed of flight and to create an aviation community built on honor, integrity, passion and a true concern for the betterment of all. 

And while many of these tales exhibit heroism and courage and other lofty values, one significant aspect is unmistakable... that Bob was an uncommon man who cared not so much for awards or recognition, but found joy in the simple satisfaction of being a good man, doing good things, for the people and world he loved above and beyond all else. 

But... don’t just be impressed by the narrative described above, let the ‘Friends of Bob’ tell you, themselves, why Bob Hoover’s life was truly inspiring. 

‘Friends of Bob’ is expected to total just over 200 pages, will be well-illustrated, and available in early 2019 -- hopefully on Bob’s Birthday. The book will be published in both print and e-formats. ISBN, distribution, and other publication details are pending. Those parties with stories about Bob’s life that they wish to bring to the attention of the author (for possible inclusion in the book) are welcome to contact KSP, via the means shown below… 


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