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Klyde Morris

The aviation world didn’t have a cartoon strip that they could call their own —until now. Klyde Morris is an editorial cartoon written for aviation insiders—BY an aviation insider. Cartoonist Wes Oleszewski is an aviation professional with an ATP, three log books filled with multiengine turbine time, a degree in Aeronautical Science and an airline captain’s hat in his office shelf. As you can imagine, that makes him a hard guy to argue with when it comes to matters of aviation and aerospace.

Wes has produced the Klyde Morris cartoon since his freshman year in college… WAY back in 1978. After more than a decade of hibernation, the Klyde Morris cartoon has now moved from the Embry-Riddle campus to be seen by the rest of the aviation industry, with the Aero-News Network. No longer will aviation folks have to suffer cartoons about their industry drawn by non-aviators. Outsiders can read something else, because Klyde is for aviation and aerospace people, exclusively.

When it comes to editorial cartoons, Wes Oleszewski doesn’t know the difference between “lampooning “ and “harpooning.” Cutting his teeth in college while writing over 1,200 strips, and performing in front of a typical aviation audience that was spring loaded to the “Oh yeah, who do you think you are?” position, Wes shoots from the hip, hitting the target every time.

Wes’ cartoons have appeared in Aero News Network, Aviation Career magazine, Space Front magazine and even in the Washington Post. This book contains the first three years of Klyde Morris cartoons that appeared on the www.klydemorris.com web site and have, thus far, shaken much of the aero-industry to the core. Overall, Klyde Morris, is a little ant who flies airplanes and goes through every insane tribulation the rest of the aviation industry faces – and then some. Through him, we see just how silly it all really is.

These days, each Klyde strip can be read twice a week on the Aviation World's DAILY News Service, the Aero-News Network, www.aero-news.net

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